Global Financial Meltdown ? 


Submitted : January 31 th, 2009

The views expressed are those of the author
and are submitted without prejudice.

          Jacques L. St-Arnaud


It is indeed a black day for global peace... of mind.

How could this happen ?
Where lies the blame ?
Who was lax in their oversight measures... duties ?
Is the USA completely at fault ?
Are global financiers responsible ?
Are North Americans more loathsome than Europeans citizens for acting in such a greedy manner ?

These and many, many other questions remain very much in the minds of not just the rich who have lost fortunes, but also in the minds of average citizens ?

This is grp.Starlight 's attempt at clarifying netizens' concerns.

Please join all civilized honest citizens in making your voice heard.

We have chosen a black background to highlight our sadness and sorrow at the actions of so few who have destroyed the lives of so many... all in the name of greed.